About Us

Inagro Naturals born in the year 2019 as a small business and today it is a multitasking and fast growing
organization in Sri Lanka. Agriculture products marketing is the base of our business and we provide
different value added foods, high quality Ceylon spices and verity of seeds in to the market. From the
inception, Inagro dealing with the largest conglomerates in the country and has able to win the hearts
by providing high quality products and reliable service. Within a short time of our business, we created
value for our business partners and as responsible organization we always try to create win-win
situation for both parties. And we are on our way as an Energetic, Charismatic, Ambitious and focused
organization with the aim of making a most highlighted footprint in local and global business world.

Dehydrated Food

Food dehydration is one of key business areas and we offer diversified dehydrated product range in
fruits, Vegetable, spices and herbs. We make sure to deliver high quality dehydrated food and value
added food with the help of our modern processing facilities and the experience. Also we, Inagro
Naturals ensure to choose the row materials at the most suitable stage of maturity at harvest. And we
are very concerned on their freshness. Not only that we always ensure to delighting our customers by
offering a high quality, fresh product with its natural taste, color and aroma.

High Quality Ceylon Spices

Through the centuries, Sri Lanka has created a well-established image by providing finest quality spices
and people around the world love the exotic flavor of Ceylon Spices. We, Inagro Naturals try to spread
the name of “Ceylon Spices” by providing high quality spices with reliable service as we are intended to
offer the taste of Ceylon Kitchen in to the plates beyond the sea. We offer high quality black Pepper,
White Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom and Ceylon cinnamon to the local and global market and our prime
concern is providing the best spices at a reasonable price as it will be the key for retain our valuable
customers while generating new buyers.

The “Recipe”

The “recipe” is a premium brand of spices and it brings high quality Ceylon spices as a small and handy
pack. Adding certain spices of “recipe” to the meal can enhance the taste and the overall
experience of eating food. The “recipe” is well known brand among the supermarkets, retail outlets,
hotels in Sri Lanka and recipe brings only the best spices in the world with it natural flavor and aroma.
“recipe” offers all types of spices like Black Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Garcinia (Goraka),
Chilli Powder, Chilli pieces, Curry powder etc. The “recipe” is a promise for the spices and it enhances
the taste, offers delicious food.

Best Products

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Nipun Sankaja

Bought black pepper from Inagro..the quality= excellent.highly recommended…received my order on time, plus they have a good customer friendly service.

Nipun Chamara

Inagro is one of our trusted spice supplier.. Great quality of spices, product with reasonable prices. And we appreciate your kindness, its one good for businessman...

Prabhath Priyadarshana

Review TextaGood quality product. I bought dried turmeric and quality was really good. Can recommend

Wipula Narasinghe

භොද ම කහ කෑලි ටිකක් මට ලැබුණා Inagro Natural ආයතනයෙන්